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About Us
Company Profile
Petsland is an expert in Superb Quality Pet Care Products industry. We have more than 20 years of valuable experience in apparel industry with own factories in China producing various lines of garment products. We also have few subsidiaries located in Europe with office in Hong Kong as our headquarter.
We develop and manufacture full range of products selling globally within Competitive Pricing range, enabled us a trusted brand in the pet care industry.
Our philosophy is: to develop "Innovative and High Quality products" proved to enhance customers' competitiveness.
Petsland Fashion
Our dog fashion is all designed by famous and some up-and-coming designers. They understand pets and have experiences in designing first-rate human fashion.
Kelt is our chief designer and she also designed for DKNY, Calvin Klein and many other reputable brands. The hip and original pet clothes designed by Kelt have attracted many celebrities now became our loyal customers.
Brand of "PETSLAND" íV distribution partners
Our own brand-name, PETSLAND, has sales network all over the world. We look for good partners to join our distributors network. No matter what countries your company is locate, you are welcome to discuss on partnership to join our success.
OEM and ODM Services
By owning an in-house design team, a strong product development team and a research team, Petsland is also proud to provide another custom-made quality products line to tailor different clients in different markets. Please feel free to share us your specific ideas and we can develop them in their best way to satisfy your needs.
Our Promises:
  • Only the best product quality
  • Accurate delivery
  • Reasonable great price; and
  • Professional customer services